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2019 Testimonial archive

Dennis and Frank to Australia - December 2019

You guys have been amazing right from the start, and we're very happy (and relieved) to have both our boys safe and sound in the land down under! Thank you all again so much for all your hard work and all the advice and support you were able to give us, we couldn't have done it without you! Safe to say they are definitely enjoying the sunlight!

Pixel to USA - October 2019

I just thought you’d like to know that we have collected Pixel. All went well and he seems in good form too.

I can’t thank you and all of the Pet Air team enough for being so perfect: so prompt, attentive, communicative, always available to clarify any questions I had, to calm my worries, so lovely to Pixel. 

I will endeavour to recommend you as much as possible to anyone that may need your services or even just to let them know how amazing you are :-).

Once again thank you so much for making this stressful and emotional experience very easy and lovely. 


Colin and Marve to Japan - August 2019

Colin and Marve made it to Okinawa safely and without any snags along the way.

After dealing with both PetAir UK and another shipping agent in Japan it makes me even more thankful for picking PetAir.

Your attention to detail, patience with our five million questions and your communication were invaluable. Shipping two dogs to Japan is not an easy process but PetAir put our worries at ease with their clear communication. 

From our whole family -THANK YOU! 


Sansa to Australia - August 2019

Everything went very well with Sansa’s relocation to Australia... in fact, so much better than I expected.

She is quite a sensitive little thing, but she has settled into her new Aussie home really quickly. Thanks so much for looking after her and making the whole procedure far less stressful than it could have been.

Thanks again! 

Ayumi and Askari to the USA - September 2019

Thank you for everything!!

The cats arrived safely and they are settling in nicely. It's so lovely to see them again and have them home.

You have all been so amazing and taken the stress out of this experience for us.

The crate was great and they seemed very comfortable and Chris, who picked up the cats from my parents was great!

Thank you again. 

Stilton to UAE - June 2019

We are all settling in nicely, including wee Stilton! He’s doing much better than we thought he would even in the short time he’s been here. 

Thanks again and we will be recommending to others.

Tosca and Allegra to Canada - June 2019

"Just wanted to let you know that the flight to Montreal went well and the dogs have settled back to their of life in paradise, lots of freedom, nature and the lake....

The weather has been really nice too but today raining.

Thank you again for all your help!

They will return to UK at the end of February and next summer we'll do this again."

Coco to Canada - May 2019

We are all in our new home safe and sound. Just wanted to say thank you so much to you & your team, we really couldn’t have taken our ‘baby no 1’ overseas & stress-free without you! Once you became our agent I felt things were finally moving in the right direction, you have reassured me & explained everything clearly throughout this whole process & I cannot thank you enough.

Will be in touch if we decide to return to the uk!


Phoebe to Egypt

Thank you for all the help you gave me and Phoebe throughout the travel process. Everything went incredibly smoothly, she didn’t hate me afterwards(!) and she's settling into Cairo very well. 

Pippin to Singapore


Thank you so so much for arranging the move of my precious boy to Singapore. I was very anxious about the whole process but all of you at PetAir made it so smooth and easy. Pippin arrived in Singapore in fantastic health and I was so amazed to see him bound out of the travel crate straight towards me with enthusiasm and energy! I expected him to be a little shaken but obviously he thought it was all very well organised too!