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Spring 2015 Testimonial archive

Amber is loving Sydney life!

Hi Linsey,

Thank you for the receipt. I had emailed Rachel King to say Amber had arrived safety, and gave a testimonial.  I have attached some pictures. Thank you so much for everything Pet Air did for us. I would be very happy to provide feedback for pet air, we are so very appreciative of everything you did, both for us and for Amber. It took all the stress and worry out having you guide us the whole way through the process and we knew Amber was in safe hands. I would also be happy to recommend you to anyone who wanted to move their pet :)

We collected her from quarantine almost 3 weeks ago, which was a bit emotional. She was so happy to see us, slightly confused when we got her home as not sure where she was, however now she seems very settled and happy, and I think she will like the climate ( she doesn't like the cold :)

thanks so much to everyone. 

KR Txxx

Thanks again to you and all your colleagues at Pet Air UK for a brilliant service.

Freddie loves America! Here he is before and after a groom yesterday and when he had just arrived.

We will be sure to use you again when we return to the UK in a few years.

Everything went incredibly well

Everything went incredibly well and the cats settled in after a few days. 

They are now enjoying the sunny weather and are also delighted the furniture has arrived from the UK!

Thanks to all the team that helped in getting the safely over to us.

We wanted to thank everybody at Pet Air UK

We wanted to thank everybody at Pet Air UK for making the transition so comfortable, well organized and personalized.

It was amazing, stress free and great for the babies!

Thanking you all, and please pass on our sincere thanks to everybody involved,

A huge thank you to everyone at PetAir

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at PetAir for how accommodating and helpful you have all been. We were very apprehensive about putting the cats on a plane, but everything went so smoothly that is took away a lot of the stress. We also really appreciated you looking into the various routes for getting here, especially when we almost changed the final destination to Detroit rather than Chicago a week before the flight!

Pip and Elsie have settled in very well in Michigan, and they were back to their usual selves within no time at all. I've attached a couple of photos of the mischievous pair!

Thanks again for everything.