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Nigel the cat flew to Tasmania Sept 2017

Hi Lenny and Catherine

Nigel is home, safe and sound. He's explored every room of his new home, steadfastly ignored all his new toys, eaten far more treats than strictly necessary, and is now cuddled up by my feet on the sofa looking very contented and happy.

A huge thank you to both of you and everyone else involved in getting him safely here. You've obviously looked after him very well, and it's wonderful to have him back. We missed him so much!

We really appreciate everything you've done. If we ever hear of someone wanting to bring their pet over from the UK, we will keep recommending you relentlessly until they give in!

Thanks again,

Lxxxx and family.

Marley and Dakota travelled to Vancouver, Canada

Hey Darren,

Hope all is well.

I just wanted to say huge huge thank you to all involved with the transporting of Marley and Dakota to Vancouver.
The boys arrived yesterday, with much praise from customs and the cargo centre staff. Everyone got kisses, lol. The staff at Swissport were really lovely, caring and helpful. They helped us with the crate to the car and made sure the boys were happy.

Both flew fabulously, with absolutely zero mess in their crates! It was spanking clean, which everyone was shocked about especially for such a long journey with additional delays in Customs due to two flights from Asia landing just before the boys did. I would thoroughly recommend anyone with Nervous dogs to definitely get the travel crate beforehand for their dogs to get accustomed and make it their own safe haven. I'm pretty sure it made a huge difference.

They are still adjusting to the time difference, but surprisingly are eating really well, playing with toys and enjoying getting to know their new home on Vancouver Island. They definitely have a way too much energy for me at the moment lol.

Thanks again for everything. I will definitely keep in contact with updates as we all settle in.

Lxxxx, Dxxxxx, Marley and Dakota 

Basil and Lexi flew to Cape Town, South Africa May 2017

Hallo Lindsey,

journey was good and uneventful thank you, and thank you SO much for taking our precious Basil and Lexi to the airport.  They love Cape Town and we mov into our house at the end of the month.  Have to put up with a beach cabana in the meantime :).   with thanks 

Spencer And Suzie Back To The UK

Hey ladies,

Thank you Miranda for all your help with the organising for Spencer and Suzie's flights back to the UK, talking me through the paperwork and always there to answer my many questions!

Thank you Sarah for organising Spencer and Suzie's pick up from the airport and transporting them back home. You gave me updates when possible which really put my mind at rest and I am forever thankful for that.

They both arrived safe and seemed not too bothered , even Suzie!

Hope you both have a lovely Christmas

Pxxx, Gxxxx , Spencer and Suzie

Elsa to Sweden

Hi Darren,

Just wanted to let you know everything went well and Elsa is now happily exploring her new home :) She seemed a bit shell shocked when I picked her up but once she realised it was me she was instantly relaxed. Thank you (and your colleagues) so much for all your help!

Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,

Molly to Mexico

Dear Hayley,

Thank you and all your team who worked on getting Molly to Mexico.

She arrived safe and am so delighted to have her here. 
Melissa was a star and she is an amazing asset to your team.

Please pass on my thanks to all.

Hxxxx  :)

Summer to Canary Islands

Hi Darren,

We have Summer safe and sound !! A big thank you to you all for your help and making this so easy for us xxx

We will recommend your service to everyone xxxx

Thank you again xxxx

Cats back to the UK

Dear Sarah,

I would like to thank you for your excellent work over the past months and great support for me and the cats. You really are great at what you do and I honestly can't thank you enough to now be home with my cats. Thank you so much.

Kind regards,


Jeeves and Wooster to Dubai

Dear Linsey,

Thank you for the invoice - and for looking after Jeeves & Wooster so well!

They can't have found the travelling too stressful - they still use their crate as a bed!  

Thanks again


Bobby to Dubai

Hi Jackie, thank you for this.

Bobby got there with no problems and settled in well.

We really appreciated everyone's help with moving him :-) Bobster even found a girlfriend in Dubai kennels :-) so he's a happy boy!

We've just been out to see him and he's absolutely fine. We move out in Jan! Miss him so much but can't wait to get out there now!

Thank you once again,