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Stevie Nicks and Schnitzel flew to Dubai, UAE - June 2015

Hi Linsey

Many thanks for sending this.


As for feedback...well! I can't thank Pet Air enough, in particular Tracey, Vicki and you but most of all Alex who not only gave me a massive hug when I had to say goodbye to my beloved furries, but also kept me posted every step of the way until they boarded the plane.

I have told so many people about what a fantastic service I received from the four of you and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pet Air.

Both Stevie Nicks and Schnitzel are  settling in well to their new life in Dubai, as you can see by the pictures...this is their version of helping me unpack 189 boxes that were delivered yesterday! Thanks again ladies, we couldn't have done it without you.

Cxxxxxxx, Pxxx, Stevie Nicks And Schnitzel. Xx

Thor flew over to Canada with Petair UK

Thanks  Linsey for all your help with everything, it went so smoothly.  Thor is doing really well he seems to be happier here in Calgary he is always smiling.  The kids played dress up with him and I took a really cute picture to which I attached.  Thanks to you and your team for the stress free transfer of Thor.

Atticus the cat flew to Portland, Oregon

Dear Valerie, Jackie, Victoria and the Petair UK team,

I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with bringing Atticus over to Portland, Oregon, and for answering all of my many questions. I was extremely anxious and worried about Atticus flying all the way over here, but felt reassured with all your replies. Atticus arrived safely Tuesday evening, he was a little bit concerned with the loud noises in the cargo area but soon settled down on the car ride home with us talking to him. We have been getting lots of head rubs, chirrups and purrs since he arrived!! :) The past couple of days he has been enjoying his new American food and looking out of the windows at all the wildlife. I have enclosed a couple of photos of him :)

If we ever relocate back to the UK we will definitely be contacting Petair UK. You have all been fantastic! Thank you so much! Jxxxxx :)

Sonny, Floss and Mylo went to Cairns, Australia

Hi Catherine, 

I just wanted to let you know that sonny floss and Mylo have all arrived safely and are with dad in cairns enjoying there new home! I wanted to thank you for your great efforts in helping us to move our furbabies to Australia,  I have had nothing but absolute confidence in you and your company and in making it a smooth transition for myself and my husband and our adored pets, your driver was extremely professional and certainly made me feel like he loved my animals as much I do and he was brilliant in what was an extremely emotional time for me, you are both a huge credit to your company and I feel so happy that we used you to take care of everything.

Thank you again, I wish you all the best and would 100% recommend you to anyone thinking of moving their pets overseas.

Many thanks 

Axxxx Bxxxx

Amber is loving Sydney life!

Hi Linsey,

Thank you for the receipt. I had emailed Rachel King to say Amber had arrived safety, and gave a testimonial.  I have attached some pictures. Thank you so much for everything Pet Air did for us. I would be very happy to provide feedback for pet air, we are so very appreciative of everything you did, both for us and for Amber. It took all the stress and worry out having you guide us the whole way through the process and we knew Amber was in safe hands. I would also be happy to recommend you to anyone who wanted to move their pet :)

We collected her from quarantine almost 3 weeks ago, which was a bit emotional. She was so happy to see us, slightly confused when we got her home as not sure where she was, however now she seems very settled and happy, and I think she will like the climate ( she doesn't like the cold :)

thanks so much to everyone. 

KR Txxx

Thanks again to you and all your colleagues at Pet Air UK for a brilliant service.

Freddie loves America! Here he is before and after a groom yesterday and when he had just arrived.

We will be sure to use you again when we return to the UK in a few years.

Everything went incredibly well

Everything went incredibly well and the cats settled in after a few days. 

They are now enjoying the sunny weather and are also delighted the furniture has arrived from the UK!

Thanks to all the team that helped in getting the safely over to us.

We wanted to thank everybody at Pet Air UK

We wanted to thank everybody at Pet Air UK for making the transition so comfortable, well organized and personalized.

It was amazing, stress free and great for the babies!

Thanking you all, and please pass on our sincere thanks to everybody involved,

A huge thank you to everyone at PetAir

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at PetAir for how accommodating and helpful you have all been. We were very apprehensive about putting the cats on a plane, but everything went so smoothly that is took away a lot of the stress. We also really appreciated you looking into the various routes for getting here, especially when we almost changed the final destination to Detroit rather than Chicago a week before the flight!

Pip and Elsie have settled in very well in Michigan, and they were back to their usual selves within no time at all. I've attached a couple of photos of the mischievous pair!

Thanks again for everything.