Days Out in the New Forest with Your Dog

The new forest is one of the best places to give your dog a great walk, whether that be in one of the dog-friendly attractions or through some of the open

Apr 29 2016

Places to Take Your Dog in Perth

Peasholm Street Dog Beach With it’s soft, white sand, clear waters and lack of rocks, Peasholm Street Dog Beach is a great place to visit with your dog.

Apr 22 2016

National Pet Month – Fun Animal Facts

1.) A hamster ages a year every 15 days, because a human year is equal to 25 hamster years! 2.) Many studies have shown that owning a pet can make you

Apr 15 2016

5 Ways to Get Your Pup Used to Bath Time

Although it’s most effective to start bath training when they’re puppies, it’s highly possible to get a dog used to bath time at any age; it may just

Apr 8 2016