Alabama Rot: What You Need to Know

What is it? Alabama Rot, which is clinically known as idiopathic cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), is a disease than can be fatal to

Jun 24 2016

5 Free iOS Apps for Dog Lovers

1. Dog Simulator 2015 Basically, this app allows you to live as an adorable puppy in a virtual world, what could be better?! Some features: Play as a real

Jun 7 2016

7 Interesting Air Travel Tips & Facts

1. We recommend not feeding your dog breakfast if they are on a morning flight, as you don’t want them to pass any faeces while in their crates. However,

Jun 7 2016

How to Deal with That Doggy Smell!

1. Brush your dog everyday/every other day Brushing your dog’s fur reduces the buildup of dead hair, dirt and allergens, which can contribute to your dog

Jun 3 2016