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2016 | Caring for Your Senior Dog

It’s important to make sure your pup is as happy and comfortable as possible as he grows older, so below are a few tips on how to care for your senior dog:

Oct 14 2016

2016 | Is Your Dog’s Microchip Info Up to Date?

As of April this year, it became the law for your dog to be microchipped with current contact details. Despite this now being a legal requirement, animal

Oct 11 2016

2016 | Why Giving Your Dog a Bone Can Be Dangerous

Bones have seemed like a normal thing for your dog to chew on for generations, however they could be doing more harm than good as vets are now warning

Sep 30 2016

2016 | How to Stop Your Puppy from Destructive Chewing

It’s very normal for puppies to chew on things; it’s a way of exploring their surroundings and can relieve pain caused by teeth coming through. However,

Sep 23 2016

2016 | Health Benefits of Having a Dog in the Office

Here at PetAir, we’re crazy for animals, and that’s why employees are allowed to bring their dogs into work! Purina and Blue Cross, to name a couple, are

Sep 15 2016