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2016 | Universal Music Are Releasing an Album for Cats

You may be thinking; could this really be true? Well, it really is. ‘Music for Cats’ will be released by Universal Music in October, after a Kickstarter

Sep 6 2016

2016 | Dogs Can Understand What We Say, and How We Say It

Let’s be honest, we all talk to our pups, and most people really believe that they can understand what is being said to them. Well now, a new study has

Sep 2 2016

2016 | Things To Prepare Before Exporting Your Pet

Please feel free to print this guide and refer to it while you’re preparing for your pet’s travel. 1. First things first, make sure your pet is fit and

Aug 22 2016

2016 | Pet Events Coming Up In The UK

PATS 2016 What is it? This is the UK’s number one pet trade event which showcases thousands of products by over 160 exhibitors. Your visit will include

Aug 12 2016

2016 | Pet Insurance: Helpful information

Pet insurance is mainly to help cover the cost of veterinary bills if your pet falls ill or is injured in an accident. However, some policies will also

Aug 5 2016