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2017 | Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017

“Bring Your Dog To Work Day” is taking place on Friday 23rd June this year. If you’re an employee who owns a dog then you won’t take much convincing that

Jun 21 2017

2017 | Hefty Fine for Driving With an Unsecured Dog

Drivers who let their dog go loose in the car, by having them on their lap or in the foot well, are at risk of large fines and invalidated insurance. A

Jun 16 2017

2017 | Drop in vaccinations for UK pets

Last week, the PDSA released their annual Animal Wellbeing Report (PAW) which shows a concerning decline in the amount of pet owners getting their pets

Jun 2 2017

2017 | Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

It seems as though Summer has finally arrived for many of us across the UK, but with highs in the late 20’s in many areas this bank holiday weekend, it’s

May 26 2017

2017 | Dogs can make humans understand them study suggests

Even we thought this one sounded a bit mad, but according to a study, dogs are able to make humans understand what their growls and barks mean! The study

May 19 2017