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2017 | Things You Might Not Know About Cats…

Some fun facts about our furry friends to brighten up your Monday! 1. Cats can make about 100 sounds (dogs can only make about 10!) 2. The estimated cat

Mar 6 2017

2017 | Dogs Suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder Too

Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as the “winter blues”, is a type of depression that people experience seasonally, most often in winter.

Feb 27 2017

2017 | Things You Might Not Know About Dogs…

It’s Friday, so we thought we’d entertain you all with some fun (and rather interesting) facts about man’s best friend – enjoy! 1. In the song ‘A Day in

Feb 24 2017

2017 | A New Pet Terminal Is Opening at JFK Airport

An article (mainly) for our American friends – we came across this new facility opening in the US and thought it was rather interesting! The ARK at John

Feb 17 2017

2017 | Wearable Technology for Pets

“Wearable tech for pets?!” you might say to yourself, and we did the same thing! Wearable technology for humans is the likes of fitness watches and

Feb 10 2017