Why do dogs like to roll in poo?

We’ve all been there. You’re out in the park on a beautiful sunny day, the breeze gently rustling the leaves, the sun warming your back as you walk along,

Jan 26 2018

Help your pet adapt to living in a warmer climate

Whether you’re moving somewhere sunny or just visiting a tropical destination, a dramatic change in climate can have an effect on your pet. When you first

Jan 19 2018

Pet owners warned about deadly eye infection

Thelazia callipaeda, commonly known as ‘oriental eye worm’ is a potentially deadly infection that could spread across the UK. Three cases in dogs have

Jan 12 2018

Drivers face fines of £5k for having pet in the car

A recent survey by USwitch revealed that 69% of drivers travel take their pets on car journeys with them. And it’s not just dogs and cats, apparently, us

Jan 5 2018