Would you clone your pet?

After the passing of her beloved pet dog Samantha last year, Barbra Streisand used cells collected from her prized pooch’s stomach and mouth to have her

Mar 29 2018

Worcestershire street lamp powered by dog waste

It sounds like something from a bad sci-fi movie but the era of dog poo powered lighting is upon us! The innovative idea is the brainchild of Malvern

Mar 23 2018

Street Paws – the vets helping homeless pets

Veterinary bills can be costly at the best of times, but when you’re living on the streets or severely affected by poverty, it can be completely out of

Mar 16 2018

DNA Testing Kits for Dogs

It is estimated that there are currently over 1 million mixed breed dogs in the UK. As DNA testing has increased in popularity among humans, in order to

Mar 9 2018

Why do cats purr?

We often associate the sound of a cat purring with content. When you think about a cat purring, you are probably imagining it curled up somewhere comfy

Mar 2 2018