How to cool down your dog

We all love to be outside when the sun shining but this isn’t always good news for dogs. Our furry friends have a lot more insulation than we do and

Jun 29 2018

Can owning a dog get you more dates?

Owning a dog is one of life’s great pleasures. Not only has it been proven to lift your mood and improve your wellbeing, now researchers are saying that

Jun 22 2018

Everything you need to know about Alabama Rot

First discovered in the 1980’s in American Greyhounds, Alabama Rot has made its way to Britain and is affecting an increasing number of dogs each year.

Jun 15 2018

The charity helping disabled rescue dogs

Hailed a “saint” by This Morning presenter, Eamonn Holmes, Broken Biscuits founder Tim Carney and his wife Cassie set up the charity after being saddened

Jun 8 2018

Crowdfunding campaign saves London cat shelter

Based in Stoke Newington, Lilly’s Legacy Voluntary Cat Rescue takes in feral and stray cats, providing them with medical care and getting them used to

Jun 1 2018