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2018 | Common plants that could poison your pets

There are many extremely common plants that are highly toxic to cats and dogs. Plant poisoning can cause many symptoms ranging all the way from sickness

Aug 17 2018

2018 | How to dog-proof your home

Dogs like to get their noses into anything and everything. They can’t help it. They are hard-wired to sniff and hunt things out. While this may have been

Aug 10 2018

2018 | Top tips for new puppy owners

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time. Chances are, you’ve been dreaming of the moment you’ll get to bring your new family member home for quite a

Aug 3 2018

2018 | Best toys for older cats

Kittens are notoriously playful. They’ll play with anything and everything. It doesn’t take much to get a kitten all excited and leaping about and that’s

Jul 27 2018

2018 | Why you should never diagnose your pet online

It’s safe to say that most of us have had our lives changed by the invention of the Internet. Where we’d previously have to go through a time-consuming

Jul 20 2018