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2019 | How to stop your dog pulling on their lead

Lead pulling is quite a common issue among dog owners. It is usually something that your dog has learned over a long period of time and as such, it can be

May 3 2019

2019 | How to choose a good cattery

Sending your cat away to a cattery to be looked after in an unfamiliar place by a complete stranger can conjure up feelings of guilt in owners.

Apr 26 2019

2019 | Why are cats scared of water?

It is a common myth that cats are scared of water. This isn’t actually true at all and some cats love the opportunity to stretch their sea legs and will

Apr 19 2019

2019 | How to plan a pet-friendly holiday

Many owners think of their pets as being another member of the family, so why wouldn’t you want to take them away on holiday with you? Planning a

Apr 12 2019

2019 | How to groom your dog without a fight

There are some dogs that love nothing more than grooming, but some pets are the complete opposite and you can face a fight each time.

Apr 8 2019