Why your pet is the best co-worker you can have

Although we’ve seen the back of 2020, many of us are still working from home. While having a pet can be a cause for comedy on work Zoom calls, your four-legged friend may be the best colleague you’ve ever had. During lockdown, the number of pets in our households boomed. According to insurance company Direct…

Jan 8 2021

Why you should learn pet first aid

Dogs are joyous, adventurous creatures that love investigating anything and everything. It’s one of the things that makes them such a wonderful pet. But it also means that they can get themselves in a bit of a pickle from time to time. You never know when an emergency situation might arise that requires your intervention….

Dec 24 2020

The festive plants that may harm your pet

People love to bring the outdoors in during Christmas time. From decorative mistletoe, to handmade Christmas wreaths, it all looks very jolly. But all that added festive greenery may not be the best thing for your pet’s health. From holly, to poinsettias, we take a look at the festive plants that may harm your pet…

Dec 18 2020

Brexit Update – December 2020

Much is still to be sorted out about Brexit, but it seems that there is a plan for pets travelling to and from EU. The UK has agreed with EU that the UK will have part 2 listed status for the non-commercial movement of pets. Key points: This is for non-commercial movement of pets –…

Dec 16 2020

The perfect Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Most pet lovers don’t just love their four-legged friends, they are fanatic about them. So what would put a smile on their face more than a Christmas present based on their fluffy companions? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Christmas gifts for pet lovers out there. A personalised dog book A personalised…

Dec 11 2020