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The benefits of professional pet relocation services in the UK

Moving house is equal parts exciting and stressful. It can be a long and arduous process that requires meticulous planning. This is compounded further when you have additional logistic requirements, like figuring out how to move your pet. Of course you want your pet to be safe and comfortable when moving. You also want it…

Aug 4 2023

Could you be stressing out your cat?

Cats are wonderful companions that bring joy and comfort to our lives. However, just like humans, cats can experience stress too. As pet owners, it’s important to recognise when our cats are feeling stressed. It’s unlikely that you are intentionally trying to stress out your cat, but some of your habits or behaviours could be…

Jun 9 2023

How can I make my pet comfortable when travelling?

Travelling with pets can be a fun and exciting experience. Going on an adventure together, whether that’s exploring a new town, taking a holiday or summiting a remote mountain, can be a rich and rewarding bonding experience. While safety should be your top priority, comfort comes a close second. Whether you are transporting pets by…

Jun 2 2023

Study shows pets are beneficial to older owners

It’s no secret that our pets can make us happier and fitter. But could they also be keeping our brains healthier too? A new study conducted by researchers in America looked at pet ownership in old age. The results have revealed that having a pet as you grow older may help to slow cognitive decline….

May 19 2023

How do I move my pet to another country

Moving to another country can be an exciting experience. But it can also be quite stressful, especially if you’re moving pets. However, moving with a pet can be made less stressful with proper planning and preparation. Make sure you give yourself enough time to research all of your options thoroughly. From choosing a pet courier,…

May 12 2023