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Where to take your dog in Tel Aviv

Nestled on the edge of the Mediterranean, this vibrant Middle Eastern city has got something for everyone. Often making it onto the lists of most dog-friendly cities in the world, Tel Aviv has got the highest dog population per capita. With 14km of glittering golden beaches, important architectural heritage sites and incredible museums and theatres,…

Jan 6 2023

Why does my dog bury things in the garden

Does your dog love to dig? Does your dog bury things all the time? It can be a major cause of frustration, particularly if you are big on gardening. Nobody wants random patches of earth littering their lawn. Maybe your dog has always buried toys and treats, or maybe it’s a new habit they’ve picked…

Dec 30 2022

Where to take your dog in Copenhagen

The Danish capital was once a thriving Viking fishing village and is now a major cultural hub. From forward-thinking globally acclaimed dining to the effortless style of its citizens, Copenhagen has put cool on the map. With over half a million households in Denmark owning a dog, you’ll be in good company in this city….

Dec 23 2022

Great Christmas gifts for dogs

A new study from charity, Guide Dogs, found that pet owners are planning to spend 10% more on spoiling their dogs this Christmas. That equates to a whopping £1.3 billion on gifts for dogs this year. It’s no secret that we love treating our pets during the festive season. We’ve rounded up the best Christmas…

Dec 16 2022

How your love of dogs could earn you extra cash

It seems like everyone has a side hustle these days. And why not? We could all do with a little extra cash. But have you ever considered that your love of dogs could open up a new opportunity for you to make some money? There are loads of great jobs out there that could help…

Dec 2 2022