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Where to take your dog in Paris

The capital of France is synonymous with iconic architecture and stylish streets. With an estimated 17 dogs per 100 people, this is a dog lover’s paradise. Packed with chic boutiques, incredible bakeries and cafes that are perfect for people watching, you’ll find plenty to do with your dog in Paris.  There are no laws about…

Jun 25 2021

Where to take your dog in Menorca

Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is one the Balearic Islands belonging to Spain. Menorca is much quieter than its neighbouring islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, with a focus on sustainable, responsible tourism.. With a 216km coastline that flits between soft sand to rocky bays, Menorca has a sea that’s so blue it needs to…

May 14 2021

Where to take your dog in Portugal

Portugal has a lot to offer its visitors. From it’s Atlantic-coast inspired food to it’s stunning beaches to it’s rich cultural history, Portugal has got something for everyone. The laws surrounding dogs on beaches and dogs in restaurants have been relaxed in recent years making it an excellent country to explore with your four-legged friend….

Apr 16 2021

Where to take your dog in Cyprus

Nestled in the eastern corner of the Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus is well known for it’s sun-soaked days and rich history. While Cyprus has been somewhat slow to embrace ‘dog-friendly’ living, they are getting there slowly. 2020 saw the government lift it’s ban on dogs on beaches which is a huge step forward. Whether…

Feb 5 2021

Where to take your dog in Malta

Don’t be fooled by this island, although small, it packs a proper punch when it comes to dog-friendly fun. A 2019 study revealed that 54.9% of the population have a pet, with a whopping 39.5% of those being dogs! With it’s dramatic, rocky coastline, vibrant restaurant scene and warm year-round climate, you’re bound to find…

Nov 20 2020