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The best animal shows to stream right now

The Coronavirus lockdown has got us all looking for the best animal shows and documentaries to help us get our furry fix. We did a round-up recently of the best animal-related content that Netflix has to offer and now we’re diving deeper. If Netflix isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with BBC iPlayer and…

May 22 2020

Petair UK – Still reuniting pets with their owners

If you are looking to move a pet, then PetAir UK can help you to many destinations. If you had to travel home and have left your pet in UK, we can help your pet join you. There are quite a few cargo flights which we can fly pets on and there are still a…

Apr 24 2020

The best animal shows on Netflix

With everyone spending more time than usual at home, you’ll no doubt be looking for things to keep you occupied. Need a daily dose of soft and fluffy, cute and cuddly? We’ll help you find the best animal shows on Netflix. There are loads of fantastic movies and documentaries out there that will lift your…

Apr 17 2020

The animal live streams you need to be watching

Almost the entire world is currently experiencing some form of Coronavirus lockdown. For many, that means staying inside as much as possible. With lots of bored adults sitting around with nothing to do, and many children too, the animal-based establishments and experts of the world have pored their talents into creating online content and animal…

Apr 3 2020

Things to consider when adopting a dog

Welcoming a new dog into your home is a big deal. So here are some things to consider when adopting a dog into your home.

Feb 21 2020