How to Keep Your Pet Safe Over Halloween

It’s important to take care of your pets over Halloween, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to keep them safe and comfortable:

1. On Halloween, keep sweets and chocolate out of their reach, while also making sure none is accidentally dropped when the kids ravage through the bowl! Chocolate and xylitol (a substance often found in sweets) can be lethal to pets, even in the smallest amounts.

2. Keep them inside on Halloween and Bonfire Night, as well as any other nights in between when fireworks are going off. This is mainly for cats, as they tend to roam around at night, but it’s important for them to be in the house as they may react badly to fireworks/strange people and therefore get themselves into danger.

3. Set up a comfortable spot in a quite area of the house for your cat or dog to go to. When animals feel stressed, they often want to find an enclosed place to hide away, so pad out their bed with familiar smelling blankets.

4. If you’ve got a dog, try to give them a longer walk in the early evening (before it gets dark), so that they’ll be more tired in the evening and will likely dose through any noise from people/fireworks.

5. These tips should be followed in the weeks over Halloween and Bonfire Night, as there will likely be fireworks going off on most nights (rather frustrating for pet owners, we know!)

Fri Oct 21 2016