Wearable Technology for Pets

“Wearable tech for pets?!” you might say to yourself, and we did the same thing! Wearable technology for humans is the likes of fitness watches and trackers, so it seems slightly absurd to apply this to animals, however it seems to be a growing trend in the pet universe, with more devices out than ever before. We’ve had a look at some of the pet device categories:

GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker is probably most useful if you have a cat, as it allows you to track their location and make sure they don’t venture too far. The Tabcat tracker claims to help you locate your cat in the ‘hardest to find places’ – so, if your cat has a habit of getting stuck up trees or disappearing into garages, this might be the device for you! It uses radio frequency technology to find them and has a range of 122m. It attaches to their collar and you can even train them to come home by sending a beep to the tag.

Fitness/Activity Trackers

There are many trackers for dogs on the market now which allow you to monitor things such as their sleeping habits and how much exercise they’re getting. The FitBark claims to, among other things, keep your dog healthy, increase life expectancy(!), reduce bad behaviour and form a stronger bond with them – these things can be achieved by the insights the device gives you about their health. It connects to your smartphone, so you can see information about activity, sleep and behaviour whenever you need.

Wearable Cameras

This is quite an interesting one, because a pet camera can allow you to see the world through your pet’s eyes, and who hasn’t ever wanted that? Obviously, it’s more of a gimmick and you’ll probably use it infrequently, but who knows, perhaps your dog’s travels will turn him into a YouTube star! The GoPro Fetch is an example of one – it’s a specialised dog harness that allows you to attach a GoPro camera to it, either on the back or in front of their chest.

Fri Feb 10 2017