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It’s National Poison Prevention week over in the USA next week, which reminds the public how important it is to be aware of items in your house that can be poisonous or harmful. Because of this, we thought it would be an appropriate time to give a friendly reminder to all our followers about some common foods/plants/products that are dangerous for our pets.
17 Mar 2017
We feel like most pet owners will likely already have an idea of the benefits a pet can bring to a family, but we thought that this was an interesting, and rather nice, study to relay.
10 Mar 2017
Some fun facts about our furry friends to brighten up your Monday!
06 Mar 2017
It’s Friday, so we thought we’d entertain you all with some fun (and rather interesting) facts about man’s best friend – enjoy!
24 Feb 2017
An article (mainly) for our American friends – we came across this new facility opening in the US and thought it was rather interesting!
17 Feb 2017