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News archive November 2015

Woman walking dog
Walkies:Not complicated, very easy to use and to top that, it’s free with no advertisements included either. and very easy to use. Walkies is the number one app for dog walks.To begin, you have to sign up to the app with your info such as Name and Email. It then gives the option to add your dog information into “My Pack”. The information it asks for is Name, Registered name or breed, weight in Ib, Birthday and you can also add a photo of your dog too which completes its own personal profile.
27 Nov 2015
It is common knowledge that photos of dogs and cats are the most searched for on sites like Flickr and they certainly hold dominance on social media platforms like Instagram. But getting that ideal photo of your pet can at times be a little tricky.
20 Nov 2015
Two bearded dragons sitting on top of each other
A few weeks ago we mentioned that we flew a Bearded Dragon named Cookie to Zurich. With that story being rather interesting, we thought we would share with you a guide to caring for Bearded Dragons.
13 Nov 2015