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News archive September 2016

Puppy with bone
Vets are warning pet owners to refrain from giving your dog bones.
30 Sep 2016
Dog resting head on teddy
It’s very normal for puppies to chew on things; it’s a way of exploring their surroundings and can relieve pain caused by teeth coming through. However, when chewing starts to become destructive, it’s important to take some preventative steps...
23 Sep 2016
Puppy sleeping in humans arms
Here at PetAir, we’re crazy for animals, and that’s why employees are allowed to bring their dogs into work! We’ve put together a few health benefits of having a dog in the office...
15 Sep 2016
Cat lying down
You may be thinking; could this really be true? Well, it really is.
08 Sep 2016
Dog sitting between two people
Scientists in Hungary have carried out a groundbreaking new study.
02 Sep 2016