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News archive March 2018

dog cloning would you clone your dog
Barbra Streisand has just cloned her dog. But would you think about cloning yours?
29 Mar 2018
old style lampost and tree with a purple sky backdrop
No, we're not kidding, there's a town lighting things up with poo power!
23 Mar 2018
brown and white dog sitting against a grey brick wall
The organisation offers free veterinary care to animals owned by homeless people…
16 Mar 2018
doodle dog lying on a bed, staring forward with its tongue out
Dog DNA testing is the latest trend for mongrel owners. Would you try this?
09 Mar 2018
tabby cat sleeping on a blanket
We all love to hear our feline's engines. But that familiar sound doesn’t always signal happiness….
02 Mar 2018