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News archive January 2019

fluffy golden dog in the snow
It's cold out there. Here's how to keep your pets warm, snug and safe in the cold…
25 Jan 2019
cat food bowl
Care for the environment while you care for your pets when you recycle your pet food products...
18 Jan 2019
jobs with cats
Because who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by cats all the time? Here are the job roles you should look out for...
11 Jan 2019
samoyed dog dressed up in cherry blossom setting
The plans (or lack of) surrounding Brexit has consequences on many parts of life, but at Petair, we are worried about how it will affect shipping pets...
07 Jan 2019
silver tabby cat - feline pneumonia
Respiratory problems could lead to something more serious if left untreated…
04 Jan 2019