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Cookie to Zurich

Cookie the bearded dragon

This is Cookie the Bearded dragon that we flew to Zurich, Switzerland earlier this month.

Bearded Dragons for obvious reasons are slightly different from the usual cat and dog exports. Paperwork aside, handling pets of this nature require special care. One of the advantages of PetAir is that we're staffed by many vet nurses and vets who have handled all sorts of pets over their various careers. 

Cookie was collected by us and quickly transported to our office to be kept in our vivarium overnight (we kept cookie overnight as he has a very early check-in the next day). This also meant that our vets had plenty of time to complete the required health checks which check that pets do not have any communicable diseases but also to confirm that pets are 'fit to fly'. 

We're very lucky to be in a position where we build our own travel kennels for pets and making one for Cookie was no exception. There are strict rules laid out for how a travel kennel should be constructed for nearly every type of animal imaginable. Our crate building team made a bespoke travel kennel for Cookie set out by IATA. Bearded Dragons being cold blooded do need a heat source as you'd imagine and specially selected heat pads were used in the travel kennel for the flight to ensure that Cookie maintained a steady temperature.

Cookie travelled very well on his flight over to Zurich and is now happily reunited with his owners.