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Dog having ears scratched
We've put together a few apps that are perfect for any dog lovers out there! Take a look:
07 Jun 2016
Dog sleeping
A few tips on keeping your furry friend lovely and clean in between baths...
03 Jun 2016
Cup of coffee with coffee beans around it
As a lot of pet owners know, it’s tempting to give your four-legged friend a treat from your plate after dinner, however, many human foods can be dangerous to pets, so it’s important to avoid feeding them any of the following:
27 May 2016
Cat lying down
Some tips on preventing your furry friend getting sunburnt over the next few months...
20 May 2016
Sunny sky
Although the heat can be very enjoyable, it also comes with some risks for our dogs. Here are some ways to keep your dog safe and cool:
13 May 2016