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Two bearded dragons sitting on top of each other
A few weeks ago we mentioned that we flew a Bearded Dragon named Cookie to Zurich. With that story being rather interesting, we thought we would share with you a guide to caring for Bearded Dragons.
13 Nov 2015
There’s no quarantine on landing for most of the places we fly dogs and cats to; the only places that impose quarantine restrictions out of the common destinations are Australia and New Zealand. Otherwise, dogs and cats land at the destination airport and can be collected and brought home that same day.
30 Oct 2015
Cookie the bearded dragon
This is Cookie the Bearded dragon that we flew to Zurich, Switzerland earlier this month. Bearded Dragons for obvious reasons are slightly different from the usual cat and dog exports. Paperwork aside, handling pets of this nature require special care. One of the advantages of PetAir is that we're staffed by many vet nurses and vets who have handled all sorts of pets over their various careers. 
22 Oct 2015
Barny the Golden Retriever with owner
This is the story of Barney an 11 year old Golden retriever who flew from UK to Australia, by quite the convoluted route. Barney was left behind in UK with the owner’s daughter, while he waited for his date of flight to come around. The parents had to travel to Australia for work and it was a treat to be able to leave Barney behind with a family member, where he would be spoiled and loved.
05 Oct 2015