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Bobby Sparkle’s first swim!

“All settled well here, and very proud of the bairn’s first boat trip! Hope the photos make you smile…..

Hope you and yours are well and we may catch up one day! Keep the thermals handy over there.

take care


May 20 2016

Ziggy and Zag in Singapore

“Hi Vickie,

Once again thank you so very much for everything to you and the whole team. Ziggy and Zag have safely arrived and are settling in as you can see from the photos . Zag has hissed at Ziggy but once the strange smells are gone after the trip they’ve made we are sure they will be best friends again.

Ziggy always likes sleeping in an empty suitcase, we don’t think this means he wants to go back already 🙂

We can’t recommend PetAir highly enough and will let anyone know who asks that they should definitely use you .

Kind Regards,
Lxxxxxxx and Jxxxx”

May 20 2016

Norman and Sheba in Qatar

“Dear Linsey,

Norman and Sheba have been here two and a half weeks and have settled in well. The first couple of days were a little traumatic for them, adapting to their new freedom and recovering from the journey. Their journey from Katz Whiskerz cattery to Qatar went very smoothly, thanks to Pet Air UK. I would definitely recommend Pet Air to anyone needing to relocate their family pets!

It really is hassle-free and there is minimal upset. Top class door to door service.”

May 20 2016

George and Minnie

“Hi Linsey, Cat and Zara,

Minnie, George and I are safely in Cleveland and settling in very well! Thank you for all your help and fantastic service. We could not have done this move without you! Here are some photos of M&G in their new home..

Lots of cuddling!”

Apr 20 2016

Tiny to Singapore

“Hi Linsey

Thanks to you all for getting my Tiny boy safe to us in Singapore. He seems happy here and I’m sure he’ll be more happy when we move to our new place where there’s a big balcony for him to lounge on.

Here’s a few pics of him.”

Apr 20 2016