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Petair knew that at some point soon Sydney quarantine would close and all pets will have to travel to the new large quarantine station in Melbourne. We have had a date put forward by a friendly agent in Australia that Sydney will close on October 15th. so if you want to travel late summer or early Autumn then you are best to get the flights and process started soon so that you can get the space booked. this is the message we have received -
25 Mar 2015
For all the people who are thinking about flying or not flying their older pets, we would like to share the story of Rasputin the 14-16 year old cat. Some say he is 14 and some say he is 16, but he goes down in Petair folklore anyway. Rasputin's humans were moving from Jersey to UK and then from UK to Lanzarote. All was planned. The owner had arranged the flight from Jersey to UK, Petair had arranged the collection, boarding and flight to Lanzarote. 
04 Feb 2015
We were very happy to be featured in the Daily mail recently when we flew a dog - Alfie the Schnauzer - to Washington as his owner was moving abroad. It is a lovely article and really captured the emotional issues about flying pets. We always maintain that it is the humans who worry most and the pets actually cope pretty nicely with the whole plane journey and movement 
27 Nov 2014
Congratulations to Luke Gamble - our founder. Last week he went up to the house of Lords for services to improve animal Welfare around the world.
06 Nov 2014