Maya’s travels to Cape Town

 I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us with Maya’s journey to Cape Town. I know there was a lot of work involved so I’m extremely grateful for everything you’ve done. It was so reassuring to have you assisting with the process and it took a lot of stress out of a stressful situation.

 By way of an update – Maya is absolutely loving her new home. I really thought she’d be a bit traumatised by the whole ordeal and that it would take her a while to settle, but she was completely fine right from the beginning! She’s been surprisingly calm and seems very happy. I’ve attached some photos of our reunion and also Maya enjoying her new daily beach and mountain walks. It’s quite a change of scenery from London.

Thank you again! 

Dec 2 2023

Jett flew to Australia June 2023

“Oh how happy we are!!
Thankyou Pet Air UK for an amazing service getting our 10 year old Goldie from The UK back to his homeland Australia 🇦🇺
Special mentions to Alfie and Kim for keeping us updated when transporting him and to Ali who set us up at the start and for answering my millions of questions and last but definitely not least to Emma our wonderful Export Consultant for her time, patience and expertise, she also answered my millions of questions with promptness and professionalism and kindness. We have loved being kept informed of Jetts whereabouts along the way, everything was clear and concise and the photos you get really do make a difference. We were thankful to know that Jett was healthy and calm during his travels! First class service! Our advice for anyone wanting to transport their pet is – plan early, ask all the questions and definitely choose Pet Air UK!”


Jun 28 2023

Herbert the cat flew to Copenhagen, Denmark – November 2022

PetAir were absolutely great, both in the booking process and on the day when I handed over my cat into their care for her trip, making sure everything was clear and easy for me at a very stressful time when I relocated abroad. My only reservation was over how the process would go once I arrived in Denmark, but since this was entirely out of their control and in the hands of the receiving freight agents there, this was understandable. And, in any case the PetAir agent did their very best to make sure I had all the information they could pass on. On the day of travel, everything was very smooth, easy and friendly, so I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dec 5 2022

Nugget flew to Hong Kong – September 2021

My boyfriend and I have just moved to Hong Kong and PetAir were absolutely incredible! Thank you to Alison and Victoria for working with us and for enabling such a smooth process. Our dog Nugget arrived at her destination calm and happy, even after such a long journey, and we were informed of her progress/whereabouts every step of the way. We cannot thank you enough!

Sep 10 2021

Brilliant service

Transporting my dog was daunting, got to be honest, but PetAirUK could not have done anything else to put me at ease. A truly remarkable service. Max, my dog, was picked up from my daughters house in the UK and delivered to my door in the UAE. I would definitely use them again. Thank you, thank you, thank you PetAir for getting Max here safely and making the whole experience a truly enjoyable one.

Aug 13 2021