Year: 2015 - Latest

2015 | Keeping Your Pet Calm On New Year’s Eve

Provide a den/cosy place for them to hide A lot of animals, when stressed or scared, tend to go into an enclosed place in order to feel safe (you may have

Dec 31 2015

2015 | Places To Take Your Dog In Dubai

Although dogs are banned from many beaches and parks in Dubai, there are still a lot of places that welcome dogs in the city, so we’ve put together a few

Dec 23 2015

2015 | Things To Do With Your Dog In The UK

The Headland Hotel, Newquay If you’re thinking of taking a weekend break, and can’t bear to leave your pup behind, why not take them with you? The

Dec 18 2015

2015 | Top Things To Do With Your Dog: US Cities

New York Shake Shack When you and your pooch are feeling a bit peckish, head over to the Shake Shack in the beautiful Madison Square Park. It’s often very

Dec 11 2015

2015 | Dog Walking Apps

Walkies: Not complicated, very easy to use and to top that, it’s free with no advertisements included either. and very easy to use. Walkies is the number

Nov 27 2015