Dressing up your dog could be harming their health

Owners that dress up their dogs in outfits like jumpers and coats could be causing them to develop skin problems, vets have said.

New research has found that 81% of pet owners have at least one coat for their dog, however some vets don’t think this is wise. According to a lot of owners (78%), they dress up their dog because they worry about them getting wet, but professionals say that a dogs’ fur dries quickly and rain is unlikely to harm them in any way.

The research, conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance, asked 23 vets about their professional opinion on dogs wearing clothes. The survey found that 1 in 3 vets had concerns that dressing them up can cause skin irritation while 27% said clothes can cause stress and 23% had concerns of overheating. The West Highland White Terrier was identified as the breed most susceptible to skin conditions.

Dr. Andrew Francis, RCVS at Pawsquad said: “Owners should be mindful that sometimes putting their dogs in clothing can cause skin damage, as the added materials can irritate a dog’s skin.

“Skin disease is the most common reason for people seeking an online veterinary consultation and, while easily treated, can cause problems if left for a long period of time. If any owner is concerned their dog may be suffering from skin disease they should speak to a vet.”

Fri Mar 24 2017