Four-dog walking law comes into effect in Gosport

In Gosport, Hampshire, a new law has come into force from 1st May that fines anyone caught walking more than four dogs at once. The law also requires that owners prove they have something to clean up after their dog’s mess.

Gosport Borough Council said that the new law was needed to prevent dog mess in public places and poorly controlled dogs.

Councillor Graham Burgess said “Public spaces are for everyone to share, and we need to take action on the problems that exist. That’s why we’re reducing the number of dogs one person is allowed to walk from six to four.

“We understand that some dog owners and walkers did not support this, but we’ve had recent feedback from the public in general that has been in support of it.

“We know most people who own or walk dogs are responsible. The rules are aimed at the minority who aren’t.

“People will also have to carry something enabling them to pick up dog mess, and council officers will be able to direct people to put their dog on a lead.”

The fine is £100 but if it is paid immediately it will be reduced to £50. Despite it only being Gosport Council that has introduced this law, it is believed that others will follow suit.

Fri May 5 2017