‘Mog’ author Judith Kerr to publish new book

There’s no end to the amusement that we get from our pet cats. They are wild, whacky and sometimes just downright weird. Long before the boom in the popularity of cat videos available to watch online, author Judith Kerr decided to capitalise on the quirks and traits that make cats so easy to adore. Inspired by the “bizarre” behaviour of her first cat, Mog, which included licking her daughter’s hair while she was asleep, she penned the heart-warming classic, Mog The Forgetful Cat. There are now an astonishing 17 picture books about Mog and 2015 saw Kerr team up with Sainsbury’s to raise an impressive £1.5 million for Save the Children’s literacy campaign. It’s no surprise that last year she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from reading charity BookTrust.

Nearly 50 years after the release of the original ‘Mog’ book, her newest creation, Katinka’s Tail, is inspired by her latest pet cat and features a bright white cat with a tabby tail. According to the Kerr, Katinka makes her open the back door for her “like a person”, but in the book, Katinka travels far and wide, into a forest and even to the moon.

Executive publisher Ann-Janine Murtagh says, “Judith Kerr is a simply extraordinary picture book creator – the vitality of this new tale with its whimsical wit and beautifully observed illustrations of Katinka and her rather delightful owner sees Judith on absolutely top form.” She added, “I am quite simply over-the-moon with the wonder that she has delivered in Katinka’s Tail!”

Katinka’s Tail will be published by HarperCollins in paperback on October 19th.

Thu Jul 6 2017