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How to clean your pet bowls safely

We all know how important it is to keep our kitchens clean and tidy. Understanding how to correctly prepare food and wiping down surfaces are vital to the health of you and your family. And the same goes for our four-legged friends too. Although it’s easy to forget to clean your pet bowls. Your dog…

Jun 17 2022

Where to take your dog in Malaysia

Malaysia is a marvellous melting pot of Asian cultures, each with their own languages, traditions and cuisines. From glistening urban cityscapes to rural rainforests teaming with wildlife, Malaysia truly offers something for everyone. Although cats seem to be the more popular pet option here, you’ll still find plenty to do with your dog in Malaysia….

Jun 10 2022

Luxury cat hotel opens in Singapore

Singapore is no stranger to luxury offerings and it’s latest hotel is no different – but there’s a twist! The Luxe Meownor is an opulent cat hotel where owners can board their cat while they’re out of town. But it also provides the same service for cats that have been rescued and require rehoming. Created…

Jun 1 2022

Where to take your dog in Luxembourg

Don’t let the compact size of this landlocked European gem fool you. What it lacks in area, it more than makes up for in its beautiful scenery, Medieval history and wine production. Dogs can travel on public buses and trains in Luxembourg. Which means you’ve got no excuse for not exploring everything this glorious country…

May 27 2022

Microchipping cats is to become law

The government announced last year that microchipping cats is to become law in the near future. It has been a legal requirement to for all dogs to be microchipped since April 2016.  When you look at the statistics, the number of cats that go missing each year is quite astounding. According to the Hereford Times,…

May 20 2022