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Amazing things dogs can sense

It’s a well-known fact that dogs are man’s best friend. Not only are they loyal, dependable and very good at snuggles, but they are also highly

Jun 21 2019

How to stop your cat scratching your sofa

Cats need to scratch. It is a behaviour that has been embedded in them for thousands of years. Scratching actually has several different functions and

Jun 14 2019

Why do dogs bark?

All dogs bark at some point for some reason, barking is just part and parcel of dog ownership. Unless of course you’ve got a dog that doesn’t bark at all,

Jun 7 2019

How to tell if your cat is stressed

Cats can be affected by stress for many reasons. They are fairly sensitive creatures that would historically have been very good at hiding signs of stress

May 31 2019

1 in 3 people prefer their pets to their partners

According to new research carried out by pet food maker, Fresh Pet, us Brits REALLY love our four-legged friends. The survey, carried out via OnePoll,

May 28 2019