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Do you buy your pet Christmas presents?

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retailers as families and friends work out what to buy their loved ones. But it’s not just humans who get a

Dec 8 2017

Therapaws – the dogs helping Dementia sufferers

The Mayhew is an animal rescue centre with a difference. Since 1886, they’ve been dedicated to helping cats, dogs and communities in need. As well as

Nov 24 2017

5 diseases pets can pick up from humans

Known as “reverse zoonosis”, occurrences tend to be rare but are a possibility. The most common type of illness being bacterial followed by viral,

Nov 16 2017

How to help children & dogs get along

Dogs and children don’t always end up having a dreamy lifelong companionship as is usually portrayed in movies. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they just

Nov 10 2017

The dangers of the autumn garden

Autumn is a great time to be out and about, especially for a dog. There are endless piles of crisp, dry leaves to run through, hundreds of squirrels to

Nov 3 2017