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Pet Insurance: Helpful information

Pet insurance is mainly to help cover the cost of veterinary bills if your pet falls ill or is injured in an accident. However, some policies will also

Aug 5 2016

5 Tips to Protect Your Dog from Theft

Back in 2014, Petlog reported that there were more than 70,000 pets missing (lost and stolen) in the UK. We’ve gathered some tips to protect your dog from

Aug 1 2016

10 Great Facts About Golden Retrievers

1. Golden Retrievers were originally bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl during hunting and shooting parties – hence the name ‘retriever’. 2. They

Jul 22 2016

10 Interesting Facts about Labradors

1. Labradors have webbed toes and are therefore great swimmers. This webbing can also effectively act as a snowshoe in colder climates, as it keeps snow

Jul 15 2016

10 Interesting Facts About Pugs

The popularity of pugs is ever increasing; whether you’re seeing them with their celebrity counterparts in paparazzi photos, or just waddling around in

Jul 7 2016