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Dogs can make humans understand them, a study suggests

Even we thought this one sounded a bit mad, but according to a study, dogs are able to make humans understand what their growls and barks mean! The study

May 19 2017

It seems that cats like older women the best…

Some fun information we came across for a Friday! Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, with over 10 million believed to be living here in

May 12 2017

Four-dog walking law comes into effect in Gosport

In Gosport, Hampshire, a new law has come into force from 1st May that fines anyone caught walking more than four dogs at once. The law also requires that

May 5 2017

Vets advise to put sun cream on your pet in hot weather

Although the temperature has dropped over the last week, it’s set to rise again throughout May. In the hotter weather, not only do we have to look after

Apr 28 2017

Who knew? Talking to your pet is a sign of intelligence!

So, we were pleased to find out that talking to your pets, despite how silly it might look to non-pet owners, is not that strange after all, according to

Apr 21 2017