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5 Free iOS Apps for Dog Lovers

1. Dog Simulator 2015 Basically, this app allows you to live as an adorable puppy in a virtual world, what could be better?! Some features: Play as a real

Jun 7 2016

7 Interesting Air Travel Tips & Facts

1. We recommend not feeding your dog breakfast if they are on a morning flight, as you don’t want them to pass any faeces while in their crates. However,

Jun 7 2016

How to Deal with That Doggy Smell!

1. Brush your dog everyday/every other day Brushing your dog’s fur reduces the buildup of dead hair, dirt and allergens, which can contribute to your dog

Jun 3 2016

Human Foods That Are Dangerous for Cats & Dogs

As a lot of pet owners know, it’s tempting to give your four-legged friend a treat from your plate after dinner, however, many human foods can be

May 27 2016

Preventing Your Pet Getting Sunburnt This Summer

Apply sun cream to vulnerable parts of their body Pets with thin, white or light-coloured coats are most at risk of sun damage. If your pet enjoys

May 20 2016