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How to prepare your pet for Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is a big event and one of the highlights of autumn for many people, but it’s not quite so fun for our furry friends. All the unexpected loud

Oct 19 2018

Top cat & dog names of 2018

Naming your pet is a big deal. It needs to be just right. You want your pet’s name to reflect their personality and in part, to reflect yours too. But you

Oct 12 2018

Introducing cats and dogs

Despite what children’s cartoons would have you believe, introducing cats and dogs doesn’t have to be a crazy whirlwind of fur and claws. It’s unlikely

Oct 5 2018

Looking after your senior dog

The signs of ageing in dogs are quite similar to those of humans. They get tired more easily and have less energy as their bones and muscles get weaker,

Sep 28 2018

London director finds mystery kittens under bed

Paris Zarcilla from Hackney Wick had his life transformed this summer when a stray cat curled up underneath his bed and gave birth to a litter of four

Sep 21 2018