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7 great gifts for animal lovers

If you know someone who is dotty about dogs or crazy about cats then we’ve got seven fantastic gifts to help you spoil them.

Feb 8 2019

7 signs you are obsessed with your dog

The bond between owner and dog is a strong one. There’s no denying that most dogs are considered to be part of the family, but are you obsessed?

Feb 1 2019

Looking after your pets in winter

Pets feel the cold just like we do, even under all that fur, so it’s important to make sure they are well cared for as the temperatures drop. When the

Jan 25 2019

How to recycle your pet food products

The environment and recycling have been hot topics over the past year thanks to Sir David Attenborough bringing it to our attention in Blue Planet II. As

Jan 18 2019

Want to work with cats? Consider these job roles

If your obsession with cats means that you spend all day thinking about them and wishing that you could spend more time with them, why not consider a

Jan 11 2019