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What to do if your cat isn’t eating

Cats are a fussy bunch sometimes, but if your cat stops eating for more than two or three meals, this could point to some serious underlying issues.

Mar 22 2019

Can all dogs swim?

It’s common for people to assume that all dogs love water and to swim, and cats the opposite. We breakdown the truth behind this assumption.

Mar 15 2019

Do all pets need to be microchipped?

If you’re a dog owner, you are probably aware that it became compulsory in England, by law, to have your dog microchipped back in 2016. However, you may

Mar 8 2019

Why do cats eat grass?

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve no doubt spotted your cat munching down on a nice, juicy blade of grass or two when their out in the garden. Don’t be

Mar 1 2019

Keeping your pet entertained on a rainy day

It’s always nice to have an arsenal of indoor activities under your belt that you can use to keep your pet entertained if the weather is a bit too wet to

Feb 22 2019