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Pet owners warned about deadly eye infection

Thelazia callipaeda, commonly known as ‘oriental eye worm’ is a potentially deadly infection that could spread across the UK. Three cases in dogs have

Jan 12 2018

Drivers face fines of £5k for having pet in the car

A recent survey by USwitch revealed that 69% of drivers travel take their pets on car journeys with them. And it’s not just dogs and cats, apparently, us

Jan 5 2018

How to turn your pet into a social media superstar

The era of the pet celebrity is upon us. It’s hard to scroll through any social media platform these days without coming across a cute/funny/heart-warming

Dec 29 2017

How to help your dog adjust to a colder climate

Moving is always going to be a stressful experience, whether you’re a serial house-hopper or a once-in-lifetime kind of person but adding a whole new

Dec 22 2017

How to make dog food from scratch

As humans, we know that a home cooked meal will be better for us than a readymade alternative. But, it’s not something we often think about when it comes

Dec 15 2017