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Taking your pet abroad if Brexit ends in ‘no deal’

As the 29th March 2019 draws nearer, many are asking what will become of animal travel in the face of a ‘no deal’ Brexit situation? Currently, as part of

Dec 14 2018

How to keep your dog safe near busy roads

The daily dog walk can become a nerve-wracking experience if it involves taking your dog along a busy road. There are so many noises and distractions

Dec 7 2018

Common causes of stomach upsets in dogs

None of us like to feel unwell, but our four-legged friends can sometimes suffer in silence with no real way of letting us know what’s wrong. They can’t

Dec 1 2018

New study says pet owners are happier

I think most pet owners would agree that it’s pretty obvious how happy our pets make us, but now a new study by has given us proof. The author

Nov 29 2018

How to eliminate pet odours

We love our furry friends more than anything in the world but sometimes the smells that accompany them can be a little overpowering. No matter how much

Nov 23 2018