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What to do if your dog is stolen

According to the latest figures from a Freedom of Information request, more than 1,750 dogs were taken in 2016, that figure equates to five dogs every

Jul 14 2017

‘Mog’ author Judith Kerr to publish new book

There’s no end to the amusement that we get from our pet cats. They are wild, whacky and sometimes just downright weird. Long before the boom in the

Jul 6 2017

5 most common causes of dog behaviour problems

1. Lack of exercise Dogs are active by nature and as such, not getting out and about enough can have a negative effect on their mood. Dogs typically need

Jun 30 2017

Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017

“Bring Your Dog To Work Day” is taking place on Friday 23rd June this year. If you’re an employee who owns a dog then you won’t take much convincing that

Jun 21 2017

Hefty Fine for Driving With an Unsecured Dog

Drivers who let their dog go loose in the car, by having them on their lap or in the foot well, are at risk of large fines and invalidated insurance. A

Jun 16 2017