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A Guide To Caring For Bearded Dragons

A few weeks ago we mentioned that we flew a Bearded Dragon named Cookie to Zurich. With that story being rather interesting, we thought we would share

Nov 13 2015

Cat Lover? These Pictures Will Make You Melt

Are you a cat lover? These adorable pictures of kittens will definitely make you melt.

Nov 6 2015

Do Pets Go Into Quarantine When Leaving the UK?

There’s no quarantine on landing for most of the places we fly dogs and cats to; the only places that impose quarantine restrictions out of the common

Oct 30 2015

Cookie the Bearded Dragon to Zurich

This is Cookie the Bearded dragon that we flew to Zurich, Switzerland earlier this month. Bearded Dragons for obvious reasons are slightly different from

Oct 22 2015

Petair UK flies 10,000th client

In September 2015, PetAir UK celebrated flying our 10,000 client – which amounts to around 18,000 pets assuming many of our clients have more than one

Oct 5 2015