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PetAir UK Teams Up With Visa Bureau

Petair UK is delighted to be able to help the clients from Visa Bureau – one of the leading visa specialists in UK. Who are Visa Bureau? Visa Bureau

Mar 11 2016

Cat Behaviours: What Do They Mean?

Head butting Ever noticed your cat rubbing against your hand or nudging their face against yours when on your lap? Cats have scent glands all over their

Mar 10 2016

Dog Behaviour: What Does it Mean?

Licking There are quite a few reasons why your dog might lick you. Some of these are: To Get Attention / Communicate – if your dog is hungry, the water

Mar 4 2016

New Dog Microchipping Law: What Does It Mean?

Firstly, what is a microchip? A microchip is a small electronic chip, about the size of a grain of rice, which is placed under an animal’s skin and

Feb 27 2016

Pet Health Hazards in The Cold Weather

Antifreeze / De-Icer Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol (also found in windshield de-icers and brake fluid) which is extremely poisonous to dogs and

Feb 19 2016